2020 Fair Information Coming Soon!
We are working on finalizing the details, and should have a tentative schedule soon. 
If you have questions, ideas or suggestions, we would be glad to hear from you. 
Please go to the contact page and send an email.

2019 Fairbook
​​View and download a copy of the 2019Cloud County Fairbook here.​​​​
Printed copies of the 2019 Fairbook are available  
at the Cloud County Extension Office located in the Courthouse Basement 
or by email request at cloudcountyfair@gmail.com. 
Please include your full mailing address.
Fairbook pdf

Pullorum-Typhoid Testing Cancelled
    All poultry testing for county fairs in the River Valley Extension District have been cancelled due to a nationwide shortage of antigen needed to conduct pullorum-typhoid testing. Shows will go on as schedule without the requirement of testing the birds prior.
    The following message is from Dr. Justin Smith, Animal Health Commissioner with the Kansas Department of Ag, “Although we still consider pullorum-typhoid testing important in maintaining pullorum-clean poultry within Kansas, pullorum disease is rare. Due to this low risk of spread of pullorum disease, and the fact that the antigen for testing will not be available, KDA is waiving the requirement for pullorum-typhoid testing until October 1, 2019.”
    Please contact Brett Melton at the Concordia office with additional questions or concerns, 785-243-8185 or bmelton@ksu.edu. 


2019 Fair